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Clio Limo Bus Bars & Restaurants

Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill

2183 W Vienna Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 564-2200

For a laid back dive bar type of experience in the Clio area when you're traveling with Flint Limo Bus, check out Clio Roadhouse! This is the kind of spot where you can really let your hair down and feel good after a long hard week of work. The drinks are good and strong and the service is always excellent. Good and clean here too!

Lucky's Steakhouse

11451 N Linden Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 686-8600

Steak lovers who travel with Flint Limo Bus in the Clio area know that they can always get a good one at Lucky's. This is the place that's known for their delicious T-bones and incredible filet mignon. A nice hearty New York strip perhaps? Or maybe you'd rather have a chicken entree or some pasta or a salad. They've got it all.

Cloverleaf Bar & Grill

13508 N Saginaw Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 687-0928

Cloverleaf is one of our favorite bars and grills in and around the Clio area. Flint Limo Bus customers seem to feel the same way that we do. We love hanging out at happy hour and enjoying the good stiff drinks! The cover bands that play here are plenty of fun too, especially after a couple of belts. Just an all-around great time!

The Black Horse Tavern

12598 N Saginaw Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 640-8115

The Black Horse Tavern is a place that we're not personally familiar with in the Clio area, but our Flint Limo Bus customers have requested it numerous times, so we know that it must be good! We're told that they've got great burgers and fries here as well as good strong drinks just like back in the day. That's really all we need to know!

Clio Bowling Arcade

3345 W Vienna Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 686-0260

Why just go to a bar when you can go to a bar and bowling alley? Clio Bowling Arcade is a cool spot where you and your Flint Limo Bus friends can enjoy not just bowling but also pool and even darts. The bar is old fashioned and dimly lit, just the way we like it. Nice low prices and a great ambiance in which to meet with good friends.

Joe's Garage Sports Pub

6468 W Vienna Rd | Clio, MI 48420
(810) 686-1100

Joe's Garage Sports Pub has an auto theme, as you may expect, and our Flint Limo Bus customers just think it's so cool and cute. It's fun to come in when they have special events or special savings going on, but the everyday prices are just fine too. Delicious specialty drinks and all your classic old fashioned favorites too.

Oscar & Joey's Roadhouse

12027 Dixie Hwy | Birch Run, MI 48415
(989) 624-9349

Oscar & Joey's Roadhouse is another one that our party bus travelers are always raving about. This is the kind of place where the food is the star attraction. The all-you-can-eat fried pollock is the most amazing thing as far as we're concerned and we'd recommend that most highly! Superb service and a wonderful atmosphere.


11850 Gera Rd | Birch Run, MI 48415
(989) 244-6345

Beamers is a very cool sports bar that has the kind of retro atmosphere that is pleasing to you while having all the modern day favorites that you expect on the menu. They have absolutely mind bogglingly enormous sandwiches here that are irresistible, including burgers and reubens and the whole shebang. Super low prices and great service!

Victor & Merek's Deli Bakery & Pizzeria

12190 Market Pl Dr | Birch Run, MI 48415
(989) 624-3354

Victor & Merek's is the place to go if you are a deli sandwich lover. They've got virtually everything you could ever want here, but we're particularly big fans of the wraps! They've also got a market area with beer and wine and even a tasting area, with many local Michigan brands featured proudly. An impressive place for sure!

Tony's I-75 Restaurant

8781 Main St | Birch Run, MI 48415
(989) 624-5860

This one has been a favorite of ours for decades and it's really an ideal stop when you're with Flint Limo Bus in the Clio area! This is the place that's known for the insanely huge portions. So huge you'll want to split each entree with 2-4 guests depending on your appetite! The burrito has always been our go-to item here and the breakfasts are mind blowing!

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