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The Classic Coney Island

7471 N Genesee Road | Genesee, MI 48437
(810) 640-1595

You will never be able to complain that this place is not clean. The food is always flavorful and the portion sizes are so huge that you need to plan on heading home with some leftovers. While their gyros are excellent, you are going to fall in love with the well prepared omelettes. The prices are reasonable and you will be well treated, and you can't ask for more than that.

Huckleberry Junction Playhouse

7441 N Genesee Road | Genesee, MI 48437
(810) 640-1100

Are you ready for the surprise of your life. At least that is what you should expect. The lasagna is phenomenal and a definite can't miss menu choice. They do serve beer and they do it with a smile. But besides the tasty menu items, your kids are going to love all of the great games available for them to occupy themselves. All in all, a very relaxed experienced.

Papa Safano's Pizza

6340 N Genesee Rd #5 | Flint, MI 48506
(810) 265-7816

There is pizza and then there is great pizza. The ingredients used are always as fresh as possible and you can count on the the staff never skimping on the toppings. Also, there is a full bar area which offers some of the tastiest beers and mixed drinks to wash down your awesome pizza. And to top everything off get ready for some amazing customer service.

Wah Nam Restaurant

4492 Richfield Road | Flint, MI 48506
(810) 743-7470

This is the place to be when you need to celebrate any kind of event. The staff is so attentive you will not want for anything. We highly recommend their signature dish, sesame chicken which will be delivered with the most tasty sauce you have ever had in your life. Everyone needs a go to establishment that they can count on. Pencil this one in.

Daner's Diner

224 W Genesee Street | Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 728-8442

We get it, you don't want every restaurant that you visit to break your wallet. And we promise that this venue will go easy on your finances. In terms of the food, you just can't beat the burgers and don't forget to order a side of fries. One bite and you will realize why. The decor and ambiance are very bare bones but once you start chomping, you aren't really going to care.

Golden Gate Restaurant

3105 Flushing Road | Flint, MI 48504
(810) 234-2941

Talk about a wide variety of menu options. Make sure you bring your reading glasses because you are goin to have a lot of information to sift through. But we can honestly say that everything listed is of a high quality and after each bite you will be smiling. If you are looking for a rcommendatuon, check out the Trailer Park Taco with cheese.

Krystal Joe's Diner

3616 Fenton Road | Flint, MI 48507
(810) 424-3272

Before you notice anything else about this place, you are goint to be enamored with the wonderful service that the waitstaff makes sure that each and every patron experiences. The food is always well crafted and the portions are absolutely huge. No worries about going home hungry. There is quaint bar seating as well as tables so take your pick.

Timothy's Pub

2890 Robert T Longway Blvd | Flint, MI 48506
(810) 239-0972

Be prepared to have a blast at the ultimate dive bar. There are a bunch of regulars who show up here who are all very friendly. And if you lvoe live music, you can count on someone with a guitar picking and grinning. The drinks are inexpensive but yet they are not watered down. This is not just a bar, it is an experience and one that you will come to cherish.

Great Lakes Sandwich Co & Cafe

5332 Corunna Road | Flint, MI 48532
(810) 732-8490

For fans of pulled pork, this is the establishment that you need to get to. Expect to receive a sandwich that is piled high and hard to wrap your mouth around. The French Dip is also an excellent choice. The tasty morsels that come out of the kitchen are going to cause your taste buds to dance a jig. When we say this is going to become your next favorite place, we are not exagerating.


5275 Miller Road | Flint, MI 48507
(810) 732-4390

Keep in mind that this is not the kind of place that you visit for great atmosphere or ambiance. The reason you want to get here as quickly as you can is because everything that comes out of the kitchen is super delicious. Check out their pizza, it is absolutely unbelievable in terms of taste and texture. The staff will not disappoint you either.

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