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Goodrich Limo Bus Bars & Restaurants

Bull Ring Restaurant & Lounge

8234 S State Rd | Goodrich, MI 48438
(810) 636-2420

Possibly the coziest and coolest bar and lounge in the Goodrich area is Bull Ring! Flint Limo Bus highly recommends this one for your trips with us! They've got a pool table, lots of seating, ice cold beers, and great music. You'll feel like you've escaped to some vacation paradise while you're there. Spacious and cool. Love it!

Cranberries Cafe

10250 Hegel Rd | Goodrich, MI 48438
(810) 636-3409

Cranberries Cafe is the place to be in Goodrich if you love delicious food and good wine. It's beautiful here, with a big bold wine storage cooler that will really catch your eye. The salads are superb and the grilled sandwiches are wonderful! Great place for birthday dinners and bridal showers. Closed Sundays!

Smokin' J's Bar B Que Pit

10230 Hegel Rd | Goodrich, MI 48438
(810) 636-9200

Barbecue lovers who are on the road with Flint Limo Bus in the Goodrich area know that they can always rely on Smokin' J's for a really filling and amazing meal. The pulled pork sandwiches are some of the best that we have ever had and we love the coleslaw and pickles with it! Just wonderful service and such a great overall experience.

Kearsley Creek Cafe

8233 S State Rd | Goodrich, MI 48438
(810) 636-6183

Many say that the best breakfast in the Goodrich area is to be had at Kearsley Creek Cafe, and we at Flint Limo Bus believe it! We love the open space and the bar stool seating. It just feels so conducive to good conversation and memories being made! The cafe food is just superb and we think you'll enjoy every single item on the menu.

The Captain's Club at Woodfield

10200 Woodfield Dr | Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 695-8438

Golf lovers in the Goodrich area know that The Captain's Club at Woodfield is a great event space, but the rest of you may not be familiar with it! Beautiful setting, wonderful bar and patio, and of course perfect service in the restaurant. Classic clubhouse favorites are served here and they are all so far beyond delish. Can't get enough!

MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge

650 S Ortonville Rd | Ortonville, MI 48462
(248) 627-2891

MacPhee's is a cool Scottish pub and restaurant where you and your Flint Limo Bus group will feel right at home. The shepherd's pie is the ideal choice here, so rich and delicious, but if you prefer something lighter, they've got a lot of really excellent salads here as well! Just a huge menu filled with tasty favorites and a great drink selection too.

Khio's Island Restaurant

8296 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 603-1581

When Greek food is on your mind, Khio's Island should be on your radar. The saganaki is just mind blowing here and that leads the way into an evening of moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, and delectable Greek desserts that will keep a smile on your face long after you've left! The full bar is a major perk for our party bus customers.

China Garden

652 Charing Cross Dr | Grand Blanc, MI 48439
(810) 603-2584

If you're in the mood for some truly delectable old fashioned Chinese food when you're in the Goodrich area with Flint Limo Bus, you'll do very well to choose China Garden. This place is a longstanding tradition in the area and they've got all those classic favorites that are too hard to find at new modern Chinese restaurants. Recommended!

The Village Pub

411 Mill St | Ortonville, MI 48462
(248) 627-2333

The Village Pub is a cool hangout here in the Goodrich area and you'll certainly enjoy yourself there with all of your Flint Limo Bus friends. It's laid back and relaxed with nice decor, and it's kept very clean too. The folks who work here are very friendly and we think you'll feel right at home. The burgers are what's good. Not a huge beer selection, but well chosen!

Dave's Tobacco Lounge

417 Mill St | Ortonville, MI 48462
(248) 793-3445

Dave's Tobacco Lounge is both a lounge and a tobacco shop, so you can get the best of two worlds right in one place. They've got almost fifty hookah flavors to choose from and the whole selection of Starbuzz tobacco too! You can play video games here, watch sports on the big screen, and even enjoy open mic night. What a blast!

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